Published by Netcore Solutions on June 21, 2013

Yahoo! is terminating old Email IDs – Is everyone listening?

If you are one of the marketers who is targeting old Yahoo! Email IDs? It’s time to revamp your Email Marketing Strategies.

netCORE has been recommending brands right from the beginning to keep their subscriber data updated on a regular basis. Updated subscriber data does not only mean exclusion of unsubsciptions, abuses, or bounces from your database, but also eliminating users that have not interacted with your campaigns for a given time period (say from 6 months or 1 year).

It is a good practise to remove users from your database if they have not interacted with your email campaigns for more than a year.

Finally, now it becomes mandatory for marketers to follow the above guidelines since Jay Rossiter from Yahoo officially announced on Friday that email addresses that haven’t been accessed for the last 12 months will expire, i.e. they will be available for new user registrations.
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Interestingly, now they also have made it a part of their policy. Sooner, Yahoo users who have not logged into their email IDs for over 12 months will be released and termed open for new subscribers. Earlier MSP’s blocked inactive email addresses approximately after 18 – 24 months. But post this official announcement, things are quite clear; at-least for Yahoo.

Now it’s important that brands stop sending their campaigns to all Yahoo users who have not responded to their emails in the last 12 months. If they don’t, they might have to be ready to face the burn by getting high bounces which would in-turn lead to a hampered domain reputation. In-fact brands should do this across all MSP’s like Gmail, Hotmail etc. Why wait for such policies? Pro-activeness will help you improve your domain reputation in comparison to being reactive to certain policy changes. netCORE strongly stands by Yahoo’s new policy and sees it as a positive step to clean up the industry traffic.

Crux is, get your teams to work and figure out users (immediately for Yahoo email accounts) who have not interacted with your email campaigns in the last 1 year and eliminate them from your daily emailing list. You don’t want your Bounce rates to go sky high and spoil your domain reputation, do you? If not, act now!

The author is part of Email Marketing Experts Consultancy Group at netCORE. To understand how netCORE can help tackle such changes feel free to connect with Avadhoot Revankar.