Published by Bhavana Jain on November 13, 2018

A Few Words on What makes Netcore a Great Place to Work

The very 2nd edition of Great Place to Work® Institute’s ‘India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces’ study is out and Netcore Solutions figures among 225 such mid-size organisations to have been certified a Great Place to Work. The study examined these organisations for a high-trust, high-performance culture that is crucial for organisations to grow.

I personally find the results a highly gratifying endorsement of our focused efforts towards getting the culture mix right at Netcore. The year 2018 has been momentous in this regard, as we also won the Great Indian Workplace Award (GIWA), in a resounding affirmation of our commitment to building a Netcore which has its human values at its very core.

As the 10,000+ organisations from over 58 countries that rely on Great Place to Work® institute every year for assessment, benchmarking, & planning to strengthen their workplace culture, I can say that we at Netcore found the exercise thoroughly motivating and it has given us useful insights with regard to how we would like to see the Netcore of the future.

So yes, we are proud to see that Netcore fits GPTW’s definition of a great workplace, as given below:

A great workplace is one where employees: –

  • Trust the people they work for
  • Take pride in the work they do, and
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of their workers

These results are extremely encouraging, but they barely scratch the surface. Netcore is much more than that and aspires to do a lot more than this.

Netcore Ethos:

Just as a person’s life is a sum greater than its parts, so is an organisation, a sum greater than its parts such as its performance, its achievements, its worth, and its people.

Life At Netcore - Bhavna Jain with Employees
We are an Indian company focused on the values that makes us truly human – our deep compassion and respect for everyone and everything. We want to grow as an organisation that values our people, their personalities and everything that makes them unique, as much as their performance & their achievements.

We want to be a leader in marketing automation and from our experience & knowledge into these technologies, we know for sure that technological growth is extremely powerful and very necessary, culturally we need to be More High-touch & Human, Not Less. The same is reflected in our policies for our people.

Our constant efforts are aimed at making sure that our organisation grows around our people’s personal & professional growth and not at the cost of it. And it starts with us getting our language right. We are all Netcorians first, and employees, almost never – we simply don’t use the word. We operate with a sense of ownership at every stage of any activity, be it directly about our work or any group activity such as Diwali or Christmas celebration.

Leadership at Netcore:

Having been with Netcore since its inception, I can tell you that our senior leadership team has grown individually as professionals to steward us into what is today a more than 20 years old organisation of nearly 500 professionals, expanding globally on the back of our flagship products & services designed for a highly dynamic space that is marketing technology. I could not put it better than our Founder & MD, Rajesh Jain who often says, Netcore is a platform for professionals to become an entrepreneur with a safety net.

Essentially this means we do not judge people by the mistakes they have made but by how they have dealt with them all and risen from it. Some of our top-most professionals started at the very bottom of the organisational hierarchy and worked their way up with extreme dedication & commitment to their own functions, earning the respect & regard of their fellow team-mates and peers.

The Netcorians:

Netcore is known to have an open door policy, which goes a long way towards ensuring agility, both organisationally and from a performance point of view. Be it me or Kalpit Jain, our Group CEO, or even Rajesh Jain, our people know they can approach us directly with their concerns and trust that their views will be heard, and acted upon as deemed appropriate. This we have identified as one extremely important aspect that reduces friction.

We encourage Netcorians to not only point out problems but also to come up with appropriate solutions. The idea is to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Attitude is what we value the most. Mutual respect, empathy, a sense of ownership, and your own sense of well-being, is what we value the most.

To that end, we have made some major changes to our insurance coverage, which includes not just Netcorians but also their parents. The idea is that we should all feel free of worry about the very basics of our lives.

At Netcore, we have also taken up the goal of continuous skilling of our people very seriously. We have provided a platform for continuous learning and we want our people to be agile, to compete with the best in the world so that they feel confident and are capable of matching global standards. We make sure we celebrate major events & festivals together, apart from making their families feel valued – do watch out our Children’s Day celebration tomorrow.

We utilise every available opportunity to fete the person for who s/he is and not just for the services they render. For instance, we give out the ‘Inspiring Netcorian’ award every year to one Netcorian amongst us who are involved in an activity that is either selfless or highly inspiring & motivating as a member of the society we live in. Last year, this award went to a fellow Netcorian who moved Heaven & Earth to adopt a little girl who was abandoned on a railway track as a 3-month-old. Earlier, this award had gone to a young Netcorian who dedicated his weekends to help out the physically challenged at the Bombay Central Station.

This is the source of our pride as an organisation and to all Netcorians, in the present & the past, I only have this to say Congratulations! These accolades belong to all of you!

Bhavana Jain

Bhavana Jain, an astute & warm personality, leads the organisation as Director & Chief Human Resources Officer of Netcore.

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