Published by netCORE Marketing Team on April 18, 2011

What’s in it for me?

Yes what’s in it for me? This is why you are reading this blog. How will this benefit me? What will i gain from this? This question can be seen from both customer and marketer side. A customer buys a product only when it benefits him/her in some or the other way, same is with the marketer- how to get a new client and what profit can I get from it. This concept can be applied even to email marketing. Why should I read a particular email, is the content useful for me? One has many questions in mind before opening the email.

A reader usually spends just 1 to 2 seconds to scan the subject line and the sender id, if you can get the readers attention in that 2 seconds then you have won just half battle.

If i get mail with subject line as: “King’s Speech an Oscar winner movie, now showing at XYZ!”. There are chances I won’t open that mail as all the information is already provided. But if that same subject line is tweaked as “ Now showing Oscar winner movies at XYZ!” there will be a curiosity about the movies.

Next comes the creativity part. How you design your HTML template. It should be of interest to the reader. The content should be informative and not too descriptive. The content and the subject line should be at par which can engage a reader and the reader builds a relation with the brand. The template should have call to action which can direct the user to your website and then get a sale out of it. If this is done then the whole battle is won.

So gear-up yourself and check why you open a particular email and think from the clients perspective.

You gained for what you invested.

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