Published by netCORE Marketing Team on August 1, 2011

What’s your email style

What type of mails do you send? Is it promotional, informational or transactional? Be it any of them, what I am here focusing on is the email style. Does your mailer is a single image or its pure text?

Today most of the people access their emails through smart phones and this is where an email marketer has to get alert. In smart phones emails cannot be viewed properly if it’s a single image. It will increase the mailer size and also would take time to be downloaded. This can be overcome by:

  • Keep it a combination of text and image. Because even if the subscriber is not able to view to the mailer properly then they can go through the text part and get an overview of the mailer and decide whether it is to be saved for further reference or not.
  • Host some part of the mailer to keep the mailer size small and get better response.

This also points out that the mailer content should be informative and describe the purpose effectively.

Today most of the ESP’s also offer mobile view option, where the email can be viewed as per the mobile settings. This is an example where technology improves with time.

If you are having a smart phone so check out what works and what not and see this from a subscriber’s perspective and implement it as a marketer.

So check your mails and find out!

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