Published by Forum Sheth on June 27, 2017

What you should know before evaluating Marketing Automation?

The original blog was published by Reasearch NXT.

It’s pouring downloads at Netcore since the release of B2C Marketing Automation Report India 2017. And several industry titans have been sharing their wisdom about the current state of Marketing Automation in the country.

So here’s one more – a podcast featuring Netcore’s Chief Sales Officer, Anil Menghani explaining the importance of marketing automation platforms and things that a marketer must consider while evaluating Marketing Automation Solutions (MAS) for the organisation.

During his interview with Research NXY, Anil discussed:

  • The evolution of digital marketing
  • How tech-ready are the companies in India for MAS implementation
  • Checklist before evaluating MAS
  • MAS pricing models
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