Published by Netcore Solutions on October 23, 2013

We’ve struck Gold, Silver & Bronze!

We’re delighted to announce that our immensely successful missed  call campaign for HUL’s Active Wheel has won Gold for Brand Awareness at Smarties Asia-Pacific 2013, Silver for Best Mobile Marketing Campaign at PMAA Dragons of Asia 2013 Awards and Bronze for Consumer Product at DMA International ECHO(TM) Awards 2013.

The Missed Call Campaign for HUL’s Active Wheel aimed at reaching consumers in the media-dark and rurally deep areas of India. The crux of the campaign was based on the psychology of the quintessential rural consumer achieving something at zero cost. We harnessed the best marketing options; i.e. the missed call platform to market the product to a rural audience and achieved splendid success.

Being recognized on international forums such as these, has reinforced our process, quality and attention to detail when building solutions for our customers. It has been a significant year for us thus far; we aim to achieve bigger milestones!