Published by Forum Sheth on January 18, 2017

We’re Flying a New Flag After 18 Years – A Brand New Netcore!

Today after 18 years in the Digital Marketing space, we’re flying a new flag!

Our refreshed story comes with a new logo, a new tagline, and a new website that represent where Netcore is today.

As marketing technologists, we understand the dynamic nature of our industry: technology changes in days, start-ups pop up overnight, and consumers make purchase decisions in milliseconds. We, as a brand, have stood strong for all these years because we embraced change – constantly evolving, growing, and adapting to a changing industry landscape.

With the invention of the smartphones, today, the power has shifted from marketers to consumers; the industry has entered the ‘age of the customer’.

We looked into the changing customer behaviors, the changing role of marketers and after having pioneered internet communications and online marketing for more than 18 years, we deciphered that the only weapon to enable personalisation at scale is omni-channel marketing automation as a part of Martech landscape. So, we created Netcore SmartechIndia’s first and leading full-spectrum marketing automation platform that helps marketers map customer journey and place personalised customer experience at the centre of marketing strategy.

As we sail into a customer-centric era, our vision is to be the partner of choice for brands who are navigating the complex and ever-changing marketing landscape, seeking intuitive and intelligent ways to create better customer experiences. Thus, Netcore is a marketer’s “Pathfinder”. In our role as a pathfinder, we seek to empower and guide CMOs/CDOs, CIOs/CTOs and marketers along the optimal path to marketing excellence.

Today, we are the voice of over 3000 leading brands, and enable over 7 billion consumer connects every month. As a Pathfinder, our ability for boundless innovation leads to the “infinity” element in the logo. In a world of infinite possibilities, Netcore gives you infinite customer experiences. This leads us to out tagline “Experience the Infinite”.

The faith and trust of our clients, partners, and well-wishers have got us to where we are today and we hope to enjoy your continued support.

Forum Sheth

Forum is a Content Writer at Netcore. She traverses her writing journey with a sole motto "Learn to Write, Write to Learn".