Published by netCORE Marketing Team on March 21, 2011

Do you value relationship?

Every relation today depends on  the terms of Give and Take but it will never work if you do it vice versa ie is Take and then Give which is questionable? Today’s email marketer should think like the Godfather, Vito Corleone who makes you an offer you cannot refuse:

Email Marketers act oxymoron these days they are like a funny famous quote

When I said ‘death’ before ‘dishonor’, I meant alphabetically.

They promise users to send them offers related to them but have they ever tried to know their reader need, what do they want, how much do they want and when do they want it?

You cannot feed a hungry man when he is already cold. Emails sent when needed gets best

engagement and respect.

5 Tips to build strong relationship with your audience:

  1. Once reader registers for your emails, ask his age and profession- now you know whether he is a student or a professional and open to youth attraction or not
  2. How many emails has he opened from you in past one month- This will show his interest towards checking emails and your emails specifically
  3. Content of the email should be friendly and must be of value to reader and should be better everytime
  4. He should get to engage and call for his friend so that he can share the good content or value offered to his near and dear ones
  5. Feedback mechanism to update readers preferrences, choice and behaviour pattern
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