Published by Sita Kalluri on November 24, 2015

Using email marketing to build brand awareness and improve email metrics

There’s a lot that goes into understanding why email campaigns fail.

You design the email following the email best practices to the T, include an interesting subject line that should ideally garner good opens but still end up with poor email metrics. This was the challenge faced by our client, a leading mutual funds company. Such situations call for going beyond the usual analysis. We need to dig deeper to understand what is fundamentally missing that customers do not take action on the email.

Before customers enter the top of your sales funnel, they need to be aware about how your brand (product) is going to help them. Brand awareness has important effects on consumer’s decision making and influencing which brands enter the consideration set. So the question then would be how aware are your customers about your product offering?

Our client’s product offering (mutual funds) was difficult to understand for most investors. People are unaware about how mutual funds work, how to choose them and how to invest in them. At this stage of the buying cycle, your emails need to be informational so that customers develop trust in your product (brand) and improve conversions.

This holds well in eCommerce as well. Click to download our case study on how an ecommerce brand achieved 25% increase in transactions by building trust and engagement in its email program.

Lack of product understanding leads to low engagement levels which in turn affects the inbox deliverability. We resolved our client’s issue of low inbox delivery and poor customer interaction on email through a unique awareness campaign of sorts for educating customers and helping them make wise investment decision. The campaign resulted in improved inbox delivery, 30% higher open rates and a whopping 142% increase in click rates.

View the case study here: