Published by netCORE Marketing Team on July 25, 2011

Updating your Database – With a form in the content.. Is that possible??

Email marketing as a field is diverse and has lots of variants which have to be taken care of be a good Email Marketer.

One of the important aspects is to keep updating your database regularly since:

  • It helps you to maintain/improve your domain reputation on the web world.  
  • Also, helps save cost you incur, since their normally seem to be quite a few ID’s which are inactive from a long time but still mails happen to be sent.

    Now the question is how do we keep our database updated?

Firstly keep a regular track on your Hard Bounces and Unsubscribe’s and keep them away from your regular mailing list.

Secondly, one practice which should be followed for all your email campaigns is that there should be a link provided at the top of your creative saying “Update your preferences” which gives the end user a convenient option to update his new details. Since quite a few people keep changing their ID’s on a regular basis.

But, it becomes a two step process for the end user to update his new details.

Now how can we simplify this process??

Can we include a form in the content….??


I am sure all of us have heard of the fact that the form doesn’t work when included in the content  Well it’s not true anymore….

Now Email marketing also gives us an option to include forms in the content in the “Get method” (data is collected from a URL) rather than the “Post inside method“(data is collected through a script which doesn’t work most of the Email Service Providers) and they would work properly in Yahoo and Gmail which are the two of the majorly used domains.

So, we can carry out a direct “Update your preferences” campaign where they can update or modify the details in the content itself rather than doing the changes after being directed to a page.

Now feel free to include forms in the content (don’t forget, in the “Get” method) and keep updating your database regularly.

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