Published by Atul Shinde on February 3, 2015

Upcoming Webinar – 5 Innovations in Email Content

Innovation has become a necessary evil in email marketing. It is now like an unavoidable battle that every email marketer is fighting and you need to join if you want to engage your existing and prospective customers. Innovate or not to innovate is no more the question that email marketers ponder upon; it’s why and how of email innovation that they are discussing.

As an ESP sending millions of emails to users every month, we have closely observed the innovations that have changed the email marketing paradigm over the past few years. Email content innovation is one such element that has proved to be pivotal in engaging and retaining customers for brands. To make you aware of these exclusive experiments, we have organized a free email marketing webinar titled – 5 Innovations in Email content.

In this webinar, we will unveil the innovations that have revolutionized the email marketing industry. The key takeaways from the event will be:

  1. Why innovation in email content demands attention
  2. 5 of the most innovative ways to electrify your email content
  3. Content innovation drives email open rates up by 135% – a Netcore case study

As a marketer, you should leverage the opportunities that email content innovations serve you on platter and put some life back into your email campaigns today.

If you want to:

  • Converse with your viewers and entice their interest in your offerings
  • Provide your viewers a delightful email experience
  • Save them from content fatigue
  • Retain your existing subscribers by engaging them
  • Enhance your email campaign’s ROI

This webinar is definitely for YOU!! It is scheduled on 19th December (11:00 to 11:45 IST). Let’s dive to discover the pearls of email content innovation.

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