Published by Sita Kalluri on March 11, 2015

Two awesome welcome email series examples

In our previous blog, you have seen the importance of sending a series of welcome emails. While the core purpose of sending welcome email series is broadly to on-board the new users and introduce your brand, each brand can serve its own distinct objective by developing a welcome email series strategy.

We came across different welcome email series and noticed that brands today have a good well-planned objective set in place for their welcome emails-

– to let subscribers know more about the product,

– to entice users to purchase,

– to collect preferences and get to know the customer more, or

– to simply distinguish their brand and make their emails stand out in the inbox

In this blog, we highlight two highly effective welcome email series:

EXAMPLE 1: Lenskart

Objective of welcome email series: Built trust and transparency

This Brand’s welcome series focuses more on educating and empowering customers in decision making journey. The first email is a simple but effective text based email. Though it had no fancy creative, the email content was powerful enough to create a good first impression. The emails that followed How specs are made and why buy from us succeed in building trust and gently nudging the user want to take action (browse frames). When a powerful welcome series is built, users are more receptive towards the brand and its emails.


Welcome email 1


Welcome email 2


Welcome email 3

EXAMPLE 2: Pepperfry

Objective of welcome email series: Drive conversions

95% of visitors won’t buy anything on their first visit to a site. Pepperfry understands this best and creates an irresistible opt-in offer to entice people to sign up for the email list.

opt-inClick to enlarge image

The whole welcome email communication is focused on driving conversions by giving out an enticing offer. What makes this email series good is the way it introduces why the email is being sent. Sometimes marketers overlook the fact that the inbox recipients don’t always remember who you are and send emails that seem random and irrelevant to the subscribers. This email series highlights the importance of friendly reminder to subscribers.

11Welcome email 1

21Welcome email 2

31Welcome email 3

4Welcome email 4

A well-defined objective for your welcome email series can deliver amazing results. What’s your objective going to be for your welcome series?