Published by netCORE Marketing Team on October 6, 2010

Tips to increase INBOX deliverablity rate

Many of our clients have queries not only if the big ISPs like Gmail and yahoo accept mail but also if the the mails would end up their inbox . Here are few tips that are implemented at NetCore and widely used in the Email Marking space .

Abuse and Postmaster :

The client or the sender needs to know that his Domain that he is using carries a huge weight with regards to it reputation . For this to be set in place the sender’s domain is very crucial, this include his header from domain and envelope from or domain mentioned in the return-path. As per the RFC standards the domain being used needs to have a postmaster and abuse mailbox ( eg: postmaster@domain.tld and a abuse@domain.tld ) this is dearly important for feed back loop complaints and required by ( we shall get into details on this later ) . Having these implemented it would be recommended to remove IDs that recipients mark your mail as spam or TIS ( this is spam ) .

Website for your domain :

Most ISP have a high requirement that the from ID ( header or envelope from ) has proper website and has a privacy policy. From my view point many big ISP like yahoo etc .. have a major problem with malformed privacy policies that does not meet standards.. It is of hight recommendation to have unsubscribe link in the privacy policy.

subscribe / un-subscribers link:

well why not have a subscribe link . some times people subscribed on so many forums that, when they are bombarded with mails they “select all” and click the “report spam” button , all this because they couldn’t find how to un -subscriber them or couldn’t find the link to un-subscribe , this triggers negative impression for you domain. The highest recommendation is to have subscribe / un subscriber link in the mail in viewable range . Also for those recipient that receiving mails in the the mail-client, the mailer/Newsletter should have a ” reply-to ” id to un-subscribe . One key point that we had come across is that at bottom of you mailer you could add note mentioning to add you header-from ID in their address book. ( eg :Please add to your address book to make sure we don’t get caught in your spam filter.) this line content was added to the footer of a mailer.

Opt in list:

An opt is a term used to when some one give the option to receive bulk mail sent to many people . Marketing mails , newsletters all come under this category . many people are of the opinion that they could use a purchased list send out mails , this would effect the server’s ip reputation as well as the domain reputation . the best practice is to have a confirmed opt-in list or even better a double opt-in list .

Including a SPF record for your domain :

spf is is Sender Permitted Framework, well why does one require SPF , well for one it increased deliver ability for you rmails . SPF basically is a DNS entry or more specifically a TXT record that provides ISP ( like gamil yahoo etc ) a proof that your server IP is authorised to send mails for the domain … if a connection comes from a different server then IPS can track some form of forgery. So it highly recommended to have a SPF . SPF is usually from their domain in envelope from, but some ISPs check SPF from header-from id too.

These are few tips that will help you you domain get a better reputation and ultimately you mailer reach the end recipient .

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