Published by netCORE Marketing Team on June 20, 2014

Time to Change Your Communication Strategy: Part 2 – So what next?

Hope my earlier write up brings out a sense of urgency to start segmenting and to amend the style of communication and in case you still don’t feel the need, you should try reading it again; here you go –Part 1

Now that we have started with basic segments, but for you to actually start seeing high returns you need to further personalize your communication with subscribers. Detailed personalization essentially means a further deep dive into all the details you have about the subscriber.

I will give some crisp insights on how brands from different domains can innovate and make the most out of segmentation.

Online and Offline Retail 

  1. Retail
    – Subscribers who have transacted using a Credit Card
    Campaign Concept – 0% EMI campaign for different products
  2. Retail
    Segment– Subscribers using IOS Operating System
    Campaign Concept – Promoting products with a higher ticket size and not discount driven
  3. Retail
    – Cash on Delivery Customers
    Campaign Concept – Safety and Security of platform and how safe it is to transact

Banking & Financial Sector

  1. Mutual Fund
    Segment – Working Professionals
    Campaign Concept – Is your Salary disappearing?
    Time of the Campaign – Start of the month when salaries get credited
  2. Banking
    Segment – No usage of Debit card for the last 30days
    Campaign Concept –  Campaign giving reasons for them to use Debit Card. (Highlighting exclusive discounts + tie ups with retails)
  3. Securities
    Segment – Users who trade over the call and are opening emails on a  Mobile device
    Campaign Concept – How easy it is to trade on our Mobile device?

Other Sectors [Entertainment, Education & Media]

  1. Movie Theater
    Segment – User who has watched 3+ Salman Khan movies & is from Mumbai
    Campaign Concept – Tickets for premier held for a Salman Khan movie in Mumbai & chance to click a snap with him.
  2. Education
    Segment – Existing students & alumni of last 5years who have a younger sibling
    Campaign Concept  – Discounted Counseling session for the Siblings
  3. Media
    Segment – Users who commented on a blog from the Politics Category 5+ times
    Campaign Concept –   Top 5 updates in political section every week

These were just a few examples of how brands can move beyond the obvious segments, but there is a lot more that you can explore. The problem today with brands and CMO’s is that they don’t have the right mind-set; they have the data, they have the tools but, they still don’t want to SEGMENT.

I will conclude with a quote:

“Segmentation is a MINDSET – ones who develop it Grow, and those who don’t would be History.” 

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