Published by Sita Kalluri on May 16, 2014

The why and how of email marketing and social media integration

There has been much hype on social media replacing email marketing but the fact is it is the synergy of these two powerful mediums that drives extraordinary results. It is simple maths – email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined. So by combining the sheer size of email with the power of social media, your brand can now scale new height and create a never before experience to your customer.

But many brands still do not understand the value of integrating social media with email marketing and are in the experimenting stage with no particular strategy in place. With the number of social media users in urban India set to cross 80 million by mid-2014*, brands cannot afford to lose out on this golden opportunity and must act now.

How to integrate of email marketing and social media?

1. Add social icons: Give customers various channels to discover you outside email and your website. Include social icons in your emails and make your social presence felt. Explicitly tell people what they should do: Like a page/ follow on twitter/ share your Youtube video.

2. Encourage Share and expand reach: Take the social share to the next level. Your email should encourage customers to socialize and become brand ambassadors. Invite customers to share on facebook so your email content goes viral and generates traffic.

3. Run campaigns concurrently on social media: Post your email campaigns automatically on social media as well, so there is rhythm in action that resonates with customers. When you share your campaign on social media you get to grow your list with tools that help track your likes/ comments.

With just a few clicks, you can effectively integrate your emails and social media in our EMM tool.

4. Grow your list: If your email and social media marketing has been running independently then it’s time to integrate and consolidate the list you derived from both these mediums. Every person who ‘likes’ you on your facebook page or follows you on twitter might not be your subscriber and conversely, every email subscriber might not be aware of your social presence.

Here are some ways how you can grow your list with innovative tools that also help track:

(a) Include a registration link in your facebook to invite subscription emails.

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(b) For twitter, you could have every tweet followed by a Lead generation card that collects user information from your followers.

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(c) Convert your likes to leads by running a contest on facebook and including registration page to enter the contest.

Start your journey of integration today. Let email and social media coexist and complement each other so as to maximize your returns from email marketing.

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*According to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)