Published by admin on March 21, 2016

The Role of Unified Customer View in Marketing Automation For Exceptional Customer Experience

One of the key questions every marketer has on mind, when it comes to customer:

“Who is this customer and what do I already know about him?”

In our recent Marketing Automation Webinar, titled, A Unified Customer View for Targeted Personalised Campaigns, Netcore’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mr. Veer Bothra and Mr. Gagan Singla, Chief Marketing Officer of Angel Broking Ltd. exploited the role of one of the three principles of marketing automation, which empowers marketers to take their targeting to the next level, by delivering exceptional personalised customer experience.

Thriving in the age of digitally empowered customers is an objective of every marketer, it’s also the biggest challenge today. Creating a unified view of customer, has become the backbone of building a strong customer profile data, says Mr. Gagan. During the session, he also shared the most relevant insights about marketing automation and how businesses can build customer relationships by implementing Unified Customer View. Possessing attributes of both a Marketer and a Data Scientist, he advises that, by compiling pieces of all the customer data into a single profile enables an ultra-targeted approach towards customers.

Educating webinar attendees with the in and out of Marketing Automation, Mr. Veer, Netcore’€s Marketing Automation Specialist, took a deep dive into the benefits and challenges of Unified Customer View, also throwing light on how personalised marketing and cross-channel communication play an equal role in developing the most memorable customer experiences that bring effective conversions.

The need for marketers to create a “Unified View of Customer” for their cross-channel marketing efforts has become essential. Because; It’s All About Customer Experience!

Watch the on-demand webinar, take-back great insights:

• Creating a single customer identity by collecting data from a variety of sources
• Developing highly personalised customer communications, using behavioral data for higher conversions
• Delivering a consistent cross-channel experience through marketing automation

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