Published by Ritu Poddar on April 13, 2017

Talk to your Anonymous Visitors through Netcore Smartech

“Which is the best holiday destination in Kerala?”

“What are the best medical insurance policies?”

“Where to buy the best air conditioner from?”

What is the first thing you do to find answers to such questions?

Well, browse the internet. But do you log in to each website you visit? Not always.

Similarly, a flood of visitors come to your website for various reasons, but do not always log in.

In fact, today a majority of website visitors are Anonymous — as high as 97 to 98 percent, according to some studies. That means most companies get access to only a little 2-3 percent of visitor’s email address or the identity that qualifies them as Identified. The same goes for a majority of mobile apps – a large volume of anonymous traffic.

What does that tell aloud?

The user pool of anonymous visitors is like an untapped gold mine for Marketers! So, building a strong connect with the visitors is of utmost importance. A well-thought marketing strategy can give you the power and capability to convert these anonymous visitors into identified visitors, and eventually into loyal customers.

Let’s see how to start conversing with the anonymous visitors?

The ever-evolving marketing technology never stops to amaze the world. With Netcore Smartech, you can now easily track the activities of your website and app visitors, and collect their behavioural information through multiple channels.

Offsite Engagement– When the visitors are away from your website or app, you can engage with them through offsite clickable messages – Browser Push Notifications and App Push Notifications. These are means to lead them back to your website/app.

Onsite Engagement– When the visitors are on your website or app, help them in their journey through personalised onsite content by means of Web Messages and In-App Messages. Help them understand the next steps they can take to accomplish their goals on your brand property.

Sending rightly-timed messages with interesting content and enticing call-to-action buttons, can fetch you great results.

The more actions the visitors take, the more you know about them. In a way, you identify them before they identify themselves. And so, your reaching out becomes more and more intriguing and engaging.

Netcore Smartech not only offers activity tracking on web and app, it also provides all means of onsite and offsite engagement mentioned right above.

Once the visitors register, sign up, or create an account with you, these anonymous contacts become Identified visitors.  Here again Netcore Smartech can play an important role. It can integrate all the corresponding anonymous activity data collected over time, to the specific visitors.

Icing on the cake is – you already know your visitor well as you have already identified many pieces of the anonymous jigsaw. When you are armed with all this data, as a marketer, what could stop you from giving the best personalised experience to them!

Go ahead and connect your dots. Everybody else is already on their way.

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Ritu Poddar

Ritu is a Technical Writer & Content Developer by profession, and a Poet & Creative Writer by passion. She works as Assistant Manager, Content Development at Netcore.