Published by Sita Kalluri on March 11, 2015

Are Sunday mailers the missed opportunities for your email marketing?

As a marketer you have always believed Sundays as strictly no go zones for sending any promotional emails. After all, Sundays are not checking emails, right? Not anymore. The changing behavior and consumption patterns of the consumer indicate that the rules of the game are about to change. Marketers must shift their thinking and give email a new direction by constantly experimenting and challenging the assumptions.

In this blog, I share with you 5 reasons why you should experiment with Sunday campaigns:

1.      Sundays are for fun.. and checking emails

Time spent online by Indian customers is same on weekends as on weekdays (IAMAI & IMRB Study) and email is the top activity by these users.

2.      Your customer is more mobile than ever

We predict mobile email opens to cross the 50% mark this year. Mobile has made it possible for email to be everywhere your customers are on Sundays – the cinema theatres, the restaurants, the parking lots and the shopping malls.

3.    Less cluttered inbox on Sundays => More brand visibility

Our study indicates that campaigns sent on Sundays are 60% lesser than other days. Fewer emails and a relaxed mind-set make your customer more responsive to your emails than any other day.

4.   You are losing out on revenue potential

A global report by an internal ESP says that though the weekend email volume is low, transactions through email and revenue per email is high. We too observe that brands sending emails on Sunday find better engagement and conversions rates.  

5.   Because your competitor is already at it

A quick look at my Inbox on Sunday reveals that smart marketers have already started placing their bets on Sunday campaigns.

My take on Sunday campaigns? While Sunday campaigns may not seem to be the obvious choice of marketers, taking the road less travelled might just make all the difference to your email marketing! Only word of caution is not to go overboard and to choose your list well (active subscribers who open emails on mobile), as some people just don’t like to be bothered on weekends.

Go on, experiment. After all, this is the year for experimentation and unlocking new possibilities.