Published by netCORE Marketing Team on May 14, 2010

Subject Lines : Chairman of the Board or Chairman of the Bored

What if you pick up your morning call and someone screams on the other side “Seasonal sales! Want to know more?! Run now!”. You won’t even wait for that call to end.

Another call saying “Hi! Its me, John,the owner of your favourite jewellery store. We’re having a big sale, would you like to save on your new purchase”. In both the calls etiquette of pitching is different.

Subject lines have an unparalleled way of singing the anthem of your e-mail. It not only conveys the agenda but catches the attention of the reader to attain priority.

Each subject line provides the recipient with an understanding of the benefits in the mail. Some samples:

  • Three tips to loose weight
  • Food donation needed for local families
  • How to dress for an interview
  • Health facilities in Public interest
  • This weekend’s openings -25% Off

Now some subject lines in my mailbox gives me absolutely no idea about the mail:

  • Hello !!
  • Are you the right person for this?
  • Beware !!
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • February 8th..

Don’t confuse your audience as nobody wants to use their brains while reading mails neither are they interested in solving “subject line puzzles”. These kind of subject lines end up dying in virtual garbage boxes.

Prompt your audience to open your emails as unopened emails runs out of luck to express the currency they are carrying inside.

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