Published by netCORE Marketing Team on June 8, 2010

Story of an E-mail who landed in Spam!

E-mail – It’s painfully excruciating when you are meant to go some where and are thrown some place else.

Some one help! I’m in so much pain. Why why why?…. What have I done to make it hurt so much?!

E-mail Specialist- Don’t worry, my dear friend. I will help you get rid off your pain and also tell you symptoms of it so you can take the necessary precautions next time.

E-mail- (Tears Pouring) Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Please, what can i do to stop this pain?!

E-mail Specialist- Do you need a handkerchief?

E-mail- (More loudly this time) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


E-mail Specialist- Ok, tell me how it started?

E-mail – Can I please have some water first..


Ok, so, I started my journey from a compose room where I was created. I must tell you I wasn’t created very well. Like human beings, E-mails too, are cautious of their appearance.

E-mail Specialist- Hahaha

Email- Wasn’t a joke.

E-mail Specialist- Sorry ..So what happened next dear..

Email- Well, if you must know.. After creating me he titled me 50% off.  I hate that name, how would ISPs like it. I was thrown towards some steel giants and traveled through different Borders(filters)..I was shot at one and landed up in spam. Why me!

E-mail Specialist- Listen friend..

I will tell you what actually happened and why you landed up in the Spam.

  • Your title “50% off” is really unsuitable for E-mail marketing.
  • Your  Creator is back listed and not meant to be used as a domain to send emails.
  • You had a single image (not recommended!).
  • Rapport of your IPs were not good.
  • Your image name was nikhil_emptyrrect1.png too lengthy, not recommended. Logo.jpg will work better.
  • The links attached in the mail carry blacklisted domains in them.

ISPs recognized that your Creator wasn’t logical enough to imbibe the right ingredients in you and send you in the ecofriendly world (Inbox), thus you landed up in Spam.

E-mail- Thanks you Mr. Specialist but who can cure me now. I want to see the Inbox life, to be opened and read and loved by readers.

E-mail Specialist- I advise you to go and contact some E-mail Marketing Professionals. You will find a cure and a new life in their hospitality as they are well known for it.  Don’t worry! You will surely land up in an Inbox. You will fulfill the purpose for which you were created.

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