Published by Sita Kalluri on April 13, 2015

Stop losing your subscribers: Smart ways to reduce Opt-outs

You spend your waking hours crafting good emails to gently pull subscribers deeper into your sales funnel and then the unthinkable happens. Your subscriber just decides to hit the unsubscribe option.

Thanks but no thanks.

That hurts, seriously. Letting go of your hard earned email list is never too easy. But what if your subscriber too isn’€™t looking at entirely blocking emails from you?

It’s not you it’s your mailing.

Removing disinterested subscribers from your email list would no doubt do wonders to your email program but marketers need to first know whether subscribers are truly disinterested with the brand.

Sharing some smart techniques that will help convince your subscriber at the tipping point and preserve the relationship.

  1. Show what they’€™ll be missing out by opting out

It helps to remind your customers why they subscribed in the first place and win them back by sharing what they would miss out on.

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  1. Allow subscribers to choose what they wish to receive

Our research suggests that frequency and relevancy are the main reasons why people unsubscribe. The simplest way to retain is to ask just what your subscriber wants and expects from you.

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  1. If they still choose to unsubscribe, don’€™t forget to ask why

Let go of your truly disinterested subscribers but not before taking a feedback. Learnings from unsubscribe reasons can be very valuable and you might just find some surprise findings there.

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We ran experiment with our client who was facing the challenge of increasing opt-outs. By changing the unsubscribe process from a single click to a customized landing page, we were able to reduce the subscriber opt-out rate by 37.5%.

Here’€™s the case study for you