Published by netCORE Marketing Team on July 11, 2011

When Solicited would become Unsolicited!

Email Marketing is moving in fast these days. Emails are now considered as a black & white document for many forms of business – Egs are Credit Card Statements, Online Bills, Contract Notes etc. With the government now giving air to the “Go Green” Revolution, company’s have to start sending the Annual Reports and even the Contracts via email. More this revolution of Go Green gains momentum, Importance of emails will grow and we would see that the email will take the face of a signed hand written document.

Emails have already picked up speed in India. See for your regular Facebook notifications, if someone will mentioned your name in a comment or any page, you will receive an email notification and believe it or not, we do want such notifications in our mailbox just to show people – “Yes! I do receive emails daily.” Same checks out for Twitter (which is already becoming one of the most powerful tools of promotion), you get alert via email for name in tweets or for your re-tweets.

So, when people are now inquisitive to read emails, happiness among email marketers is there. But with this happiness comes a very important message – Frequency of change in the content of emails has to increase. No wonder the number of unread emails would increase, email marketers will now have to make their communications more innovative and ways to engage users have to be changed to a higher level.

The point to note here is even though you have been sending solicited content to your users, the users will not respond to your emails and the Open Rates and click through rates will come down. There is no rocket science behind the reason – its just users have got bored with the same content and email format and they need something new. New – I know is always a mystery for the Content Manager and the Marketing Team but this has to be the crux of your successful email campaigns.

We have seen many types of emails reaching our inbox – promotional offers from e-commerce and online portals, Merchandise offers with watch, wallet or a pen, sports gear accompanied by accessory, online movie tickets with combos and what not. What if users have got bugged off from all these emails. There are two things to this fact – either the offers have to become more tempting such that users feel compelled to buy online or the creatives and design of the mailer makes them open the emails regularly. You cannot have your business run only on offers as providing offers compromises your net year revenue, so the content and mailer design has be made better.

Three important points that email marketers have to always keep in mind:

  1. Content holds the most important key to Customer Engagement. If you have to take the end user time and money, then first give the user some interesting or entertaining content which would compel them to get in regular communication with you and finally become your customer
  2. Giving only offers will make users always OFFER-Centric and they will see you only if you have offer. You don’t give them 2 good deals in a row and you will loose the customer.
  3. User Engagement has always been the game changer for email marketers and will always be.
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