Published by netCORE Marketing Team on November 12, 2014

A sneak peek in our upcoming webinar – ‘How can triggered emails double ROI for eCommerce’

Prominent marketing professionals have remarked that any technology is only as good as the marketer’s strategy; the same is true for triggered emails. It has a proven track record of phenomenal response in eCommerce but to leverage their success rate is up to the eCommerce marketer.

Triggered emails are a great way of delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. It’s like striking the rod when the iron is super-hot. However, the most vital factor of triggered emails is that they could run on an auto-pilot mode and can generate revenue over a significant period of time. Though some initial investment is required to setup triggered emails, once established and automated, every triggered email has the potential of generating a higher ROI for your eCommerce brand.

In many eCommerce establishments, triggered emails are used for standard procedures like shopping cart abandonment, purchase confirmation, cancellation verification, rating and feedback requests, etc. However, you can use these triggers for many other marketing purposes. By devoting some time for innovation and strategy of triggered campaigns, you can incrementally raise the level of overall email revenue.

To assist eCommerce marketers like you, my expert team has organized a free webinar on ‘How can triggered emails double ROI for eCommerce’ tomorrow, 13th Nov @ 11 AM (IST). The speaker, Mr. Avadhoot Revankar (Head Consultant, Email Marketing) will cover the following concepts:

When do we set the triggers?
Examples of important and innovative triggers

What are the best practices of triggered emails?

Know the rules to follow when sending triggered communication

How did triggered emails generate twice the revenue for an eCommerce brand?
A case study – How triggered emails helps double ROI

How can brands send triggered emails?

Learn how to set up triggers and create marketing automation

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