Published by admin on August 8, 2011

Smart Marketers choose multi-channel marketing

In case there is a possibility of Biggest Fight in the world, Email and Mobile will be 2 names whose egos have been tried, tested and executed against each other so many times by Marketers.

There is not much to share about their fights but will share one piece of their personal conversation.

Email to mobile: what the F man I heard your market is going down since my existence has gain more prominence.

Mobile to email: With limited people on internet your presence has never been felt in my comparison where half of the world is using me you spacious pig!

There is more to it but I’m sure you don’t want to get into too much Drama.

Smart Marketers realized that instead of using both the platforms individually what if it is combined and made it a multi-channel cross benefit strategy. The idea was worth the check as both the platforms have unique strengths.

Email gives the highest conversion (42$ for every 1$ spent) and Mobile e-commerce market is growing and it is estimated that by 2015 it will be 8% of the total e-commerce market.

Thus, the time has come when marketers shift to multi-channel marketing strategy by combining strength of one tool with another. Email+SMS is one such combination,

So here is how you can use both platforms effectively:

People can easily and quickly register for your company’s email alerts

1.) A mobile shortcode system where people can register  themselves by sending sms on a shortcode & subscribe for company’s info eg: ABC NEWSLETTER @ 575758


2.) Now ABC would ask for your email id and confirm your registration, this way you don’t have to go on their website to subscribe for info and can get it easily through mobile registration process

Email marketing is used for generating leads today and Mobile comes handy and have a better engagement features. This is one of the deadly combination when comes to marketing tools. With growing choices in the market, marketers will have to take a call on combining different tools to cook one good marketing & communication strategy.

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