Published by Atul Shinde on March 16, 2015

How to skyrocket your conversion rates of cart abandonment emails

In our earlier blog on cart abandonment, we shared our insights why people abandon carts and how email marketing can help brands to get them back. Today let me throw some light on what are the key elements you need to include in the cart abandonment emails and what strategies you can adopt to maximize the results of your cart abandonment email program. After all, cart abandonment emails have the potential to yield up to 50% conversion rates (Source: eConsultancy).

Let’s see how we can achieve such skyrocket percentages:

1. A proper Timing – one of the crucial aspect:

Real time recovery emails have the potential to convert abandoned carts to sales. Shoot out an email within an hour of cart abandonment so the want for that particular item is still fresh in customer’s mind.

This gentle reminder email sent within an hour of cart abandonment is not too pushy and asks customer to complete his transaction.

1(click to enlarge image)

While timing is the most crucial element of your cart abandonment email, gently pursuing them comes a close second. Don’t just send one cart abandonment email and wait and hope for the customer to get back. Instead plan a well devised series of emails appropriately timed to get conversions from these customers. : 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week respectively.

2. Personalized emails – Include customer centric elements:

Many experts believe automation and personalization are two non-integrable processes –arch enemies of each other. However, Cart Abandonment emails are the perfect example of how both automation and personalization can work together seamlessly to enhance user experience.

Hyper target your customer with content that’s exclusively applicable to him. The following email which was sent a day after the customer abandoned the cart is a good example of how best we can personalize these emails.

1(Click to enlarge image)

3. Provide incentives and add a sense of urgency:

Incentive and urgency are two biggest motivators to get them back. Brands must leverage on every single opportunity which will help brands bring the abandoners back.

2(click to enlarge image)

4. Drive conversions with recommendations:

Maybe he/she is having second thoughts about the item. Why not share some recommendations to get them back into the sales funnel? The following example does just that, giving options and helping user make up his/her mind.

3(click to enlarge image)

5. Create the big impact with a good subject line:

Your cart abandonment emails must receive the highest visibility so that majority of them will respond to the email. Key to achieving this is having an intriguing subject line. Some Subject lines which work tremendously are:

1)      Did you forget something?

2)      Someone is waiting – Your Products

3)      [Product Name] – Waiting for you

Just incorporate these 5 elements in your cart abandonment emails and see conversions happening fast.



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