Published by netCORE Marketing Team on November 30, 2010

Searching for Email data?

Email Marketing is growing leaps and bounds  today. No one in the industry is unfamiliar with word email id, still the problem of email marketers is email id. It makes sense to make mistakes when you do not know the problem but looks awful when you know the problem and still you are repeating your mistakes.

Generally people are reluctant to changes and will initiate it when it becomes history or tradition. Coming back from my wild emotions the truth is people know that for doing biological email marketing campaigns they need organic database. If the problem is building organic database why people didn’t find out ways to get over it. Experts are still debating while some thoughts already have matured on it.


Below are the few ways where you can build organic email database or enhance your business horizons:

  1. Widget on each page of your website: Every page should give an opportunity to collect email data
  2. Referral link on the email: Every email campaign should have opportunity to forward the email to a friend
  3. Affiliate email Marketing: Variety of registered data from different publishers, for sending affiliate emails

We will discuss more on this in the future posts.

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