Published by netCORE Marketing Team on April 4, 2011

School tips for reluctant email Marketers

Emails and Email Marketing may not be very popular amongst all but companies and corporates using this powerful digital marketing tool certainly know it and are well versed with the dramatic changes that emails can bring about in the business of the companies not only in terms of marketing and brand building of the company, but also scale up the revenue and the net ROI of the companies. Over a period of time we have certainly seen the effectiveness of emails in our respective business. Emails have helped online marketers to reach millions of people at the ease of a click.

Emails have helped the Marketers to reach to people and bring considerable business to the companies. With the help of emails, it has become slightly easy to know your customers since sending targeted and personalized emails is also possible. But its time now that we start to think what more can be done with the help of emails. Innovation is the key to this thought. Marketers should now find ways to make the use of emails in more engagging  way.
The email marketers have become reluctant to think about doing more with emails. Just sending mails on the database you have or sourcing it from other resellers wont help you to accomplish the most important aspect and motive of email marketing – User engagement and website traffic. Email Campaigns give you a good start and helps the marketers to know what is good for them. The real success of any email campaign is judged by the end traffic that is diverted to the website or leads (for companies just promoting products off the web).

The traffic for any website can be increased over a period of time by properly segmenting the kind and type of traffic with use of generic profiles and offers to make the user click and register. In India, we can find many e-commerce portals offering extensive products in all ranges and sizes. One can easily notice the clean and indexed website contents on the opening page. This hasn’t been done overnight or in a short period. The companies who look to develop user engagement in order to divert readers to their website and see an increase in the traffic need to study the following points:

1. It is very important to segment the website for users with different taste and trying to create segments in which we can fit all the traffic.
2. Observe which segment of products get the maximum hits or clicks in the website.
3. Target/re-Target the users interested for the Product segment.
4. Drive engagement to extract details for Profiling.
5. Include social media and integrate your websites to know your users better.
6. Stay in touch with the active database not bug them often.
7. Develop the re-target strategy for inactive users.
8. Introduce Viral Marketing to extend reach.

Marketers just cannot be dependent only on emails to do all the work, emails have to be supported with research and methods that can help to enhance the end to end productivity of the campaigns. Think more to innovate more. One solution cannot solve all the problems but many solutions when gathered together to find the generic solution can solve the worst problems easily. One cannot stop to think as users do not like the monotonous emails or websites. You have to come out of the lazy mode and observe around you what people like more because it does not matter what you like, what really matters is what your target audience likes. Think more to get more.

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