Published by Netcore Solutions on August 14, 2014

Respond to the responsiveness in mobile email marketing

Webinars are always fun to host and we experienced the same fun all over again last week when we successfully conducted our webinar – Go Mobile. Go Responsive. It was organized to enlighten the digital marketers about the importance & scope of responsiveness in the Mobile Email Marketing Industry. The speaker for the webinar was our Sr. Consultant – Mr Avadhoot Revankar. Avadhoot is a hands-on expert in email marketing who guides our clients on how to increase their ROI through digital marketing.

The webinar extended insightful statistics of Indian mobile internet users to highlight the fact that as an upcoming or even established brand, you cannot afford to ignore its influence on digital marketing. Emails, without a doubt are the most useful lead gen method, and if it’s not mobile ready, your lead gen strategy may end up in vain.

Reports of reputed research firms have made it clear that the Indian population is moving towards mobile devices. In the first quarter of 2014-15, about 30% of emails were opened on mobile and it is expected to go beyond 40% by the end of 2014. Even brands agree that almost 35% of their website traffic is coming from mobile devices, making mobile responsiveness the utmost vital feature of their digital marketing strategy.

Reports also suggested that if you ignore the responsiveness factor, there is a high probability that recipients will ignore your mail. And even delete it if it’s not compatible with their mobile devices. Out of every 100 potential buyers in India, 21 users delete emails for want of clear content visibility. This figure can hurt your entire email marketing strategy and damage your lead gen activity to the core. The best way to avoid damage is being responsive, both in your emails and approach.

Responsive emails are designed to adapt the layout of the receiving device such that they are easily readable on every device available (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop). Three key elements of any responsive email design are:

1) Flexible layout – Regardless of the device on which the email is read, vital information has to remain visible:

2) Flexible image – Image should adjust to the screen size in proportion to the content:

3) Media queries – Set of styles applied to the layout to re-position information to adapt to the screen size:

As the webinar progressed, Avadhoot extended many tips on going responsive apart from dealing with the key challenges you may face with a responsive email design.

If you missed the webinar, sad, but not too late to view the webinar video on demand!

You may watch the recorded video here or listen to the podcast here.

Download the slide deck here.

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