Published by Netcore Solutions on August 23, 2012 Netcore’s answer to the bulk SMS ban

Firing on all cylinders to help clients tackle the recent ban, Netcore has launched an innovative platform, which helps enterprises to stay connected with their customers via email. The solution helps clients retrieve the missing email ids through Netcore’s SMS platform. Eventually, clients can link its customers mobile no. with his email address, & continue its business communication. It also doubles up as a smart tool to complete the client’s CRM data in minutes!

It works in 3 simple steps:

  • Client sets up a SMS keyword using
  • Promotes the keyword using SMS, Voice, Print & other media
  • Customer SMSes email id on keyword to a longcode

The features & benefits include:

  • Easy linking of email & mobile
  • Do-it-yourself platform; clients can get started in minutes
  • No government interference
  • Richer communication with graphics, etc
  • Effective communication with verified email addresses
  • Zero-cost solution

With this do-it-yourself platform, clients can re-establish a hotline with their customers as well as prospects. They can continue sending transactional alerts & promotional offers. What more? It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s FREE€!