Published by Netcore Solutions on January 30, 2013

The Reason Why Mobile Marketing Matters

Marketers are always in search of high-impact, cost-effective methods of increasing revenue. Mobile Marketing is one such platform that complies with every marketer’s needs.

Mobile Marketing involves the usage of interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes products and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders. Mobile Marketing provides the ability to target, increase response, and track results. Here are some of the top benefits of using Mobile Marketing to promote your business.

One of the main reasons a mobile marketing campaign is highly influential is because it reaps instant results. The phone is always with the user, at least in most cases, thus the messages are delivered and checked within minutes. This makes the response and conversion rate very high.

Personalized and direct targeting is the most useful advantage of Mobile Marketing. The mobile platform interacts directly with users on their mobile phones. This allows personalized interaction to a great extent. Also, this allows direct interaction between the marketer and the consumer making way for quicker feedback.

Text, images and videos for mobile are simpler and less expensive compared to other forms of marketing. They have to be simple, precise and catchy. This involves less effort and less expenditure.

Marketing orthodoxy has evolved to meet the new formidable changes of the new technonomy. Mobile Marketing itself is a relatively new marketing platform and with the advent of smartphones, newer features like geo tagging, microblogging (twitter), social networking and accessing the internet from mobile instruments , campaigning has become more personalized and more creative.

Mobile Marketing grants a great platform for viral marketing, and how! Mobile content can be very easily shared among users. People invariably share information or offers that seem interesting to them with the people around them, thus companies get a lot more exposure with not as much extra effort. Not just in those terms, viral mobile marketing works best in rural areas where access to traditional media, computers and internet is fairly less. Interesting content coupled with word-of-mouth works wonders in this field. Netcore’s industrially acclaimed campaigns for Hindustan Unilever’s Active Wheel, Colgate Active Salt Taste Challenge 2012 and India Against Corruption campaigns are good examples of viral mobile marketing.

The biggest ever advantage of Mobile Marketing is the fact that your consumers are always online. Almost all mobile users carry their phones wherever they go and are accessible at any given point. This gives marketers a huge advantage of timing and targeting their campaigns in such a way that the impact is maximum.

In conclusion, mobile marketing gives the consumer many advantages like customization, lower cost, easy tracking etc; thereby reducing manpower and also giving the marketer better business benefits and profits.