Published by Netcore Solutions on October 15, 2014

Raise your bar as an email marketer; be the Chief Email Marketing Officer

Email marketing is transforming each day. Now, just knowing the nuances is not enough; planning and implementing it in the right way is what’s gonna count. To enlighten the email marketers about the same, netCORE – in association with DMTI, has organized a multi-city workshop on “Steps to become a Chief Email Marketing Officer”.

This multi-city email marketing workshop ‘Steps to become a CEMO’ is the result of an in-depth research and analysis of the group of experts at netCORE. It is set to groove the email marketers on the tune of the email marketing industry.

This multi-city workshop has already been conducted in Mumbai on 10th of October and is scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 16th of October. The Mumbai CEMO workshop received a lot of appreciation from the attendees. The speaker of the event was Avadhoot Revankar – Head Consultant, Email Marketing Solutions. He discussed many vital factors of email marketing with the marketer who attended the workshop. Few of the most important points that grabbed everyone’s attention were:

  • The rising popularity and benefits of videos in email marketing
  • The need of real-time email campaigns
  • Brand new innovations of the email marketing industry
  • Gmail’s new inbox delivery algorithms
  • Many more essential details were discussed with focus on the journey of an email marketer through the subscriber life-cycle like building the email list, welcoming new customers, continuous engagement through innovative processes and the saga of retention.

    These points are included to sharpen the email marketing skills of the marketers and to make them think as a Chief Email Marketing Officer. If you want to be the CEMO of your digital sphere, understand these points in detail and give a boost to your career; attend the CEMO Delhi workshop!

    It will be conducted tomorrow, 16th October, at the Park Hotel. This full day workshop will be conducted by Tanishq Juneja – Business Head, Email Marketing Solutions.

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