Published by netCORE Marketing Team on April 25, 2011

A Perfect unusual day- we never thought this will happen?

Hi This is Tanishq and we are in year 2015.

What a day! Sunrises from the east, Birds chatting, cool morning whether and every one  heading to their work, everything is so natural, no one ever thought that something so natural will ever change.

People opening their email accounts and checking their inboxes and reading their solicited emails. Checking Inbox is the first thing you do once you open your email account after looking at the no. of emails you have – I know it takes lot of courage to avoid looking at no. of emails cluttered in your inbox and more painful is to find out the ligitimate ones out of them. This whole things is pretty natural but this day it wasn’t.

People actually browsed their email accounts, opened their Junk folder and enjoyed looking at several unsolicited emails. What a shock bookie!!


I’m in a Dilemma, did any one think that readers will fall in love with their Junk folders than Inboxes. Now what should email marketer work on Best Practices to put the emails in junk.

Imagine a client saying “ Hey I’m really worried most of my emails are landing into Inbox? Please do something”

Damn! What has happen to the world- I guess readers have changed their behaviour and now definition of Inbox and spam is controversial  for them.

If email Marketing was one Universe then this reader behaviour is a dent in the universe. What if there was an Email Marketing industry body on the top to monitor the changing trends and take measure to do the right thing. Food for a thought isn’t it!

I smiled aimlessly thinking the funniest part amongst all of this that how an email marketer takes guarantee that I will deliver your emails in junk, a place where most of the people  check their emails today. Lets look at one small conversation between Saradarji(Email Service Provider) and brand doing email marketing.

Brand– Please see to it that my emails land in spam

Sardarji– Oh Madame don’t worry we are known for our spam deliveries

Brand– Good so I don’t want my single email to land in Inbox

Sardarji– Oh we have not deliver single email in Inbox since we started our business.

Brand– Earlier you use to assure guaratnteed Inbox deliver to us during old times

Sardarji– Hmm…well Madam I we actually not spam but this time we spam old is forget please

Brand– Well I don’t understand what you said.

Sardarji– Thanks you – we promise it will be done Madam

Brand-  Ok, but stop calling me Madam. My name is Charles. Idiot!

What a conversation and what a day. A perfect unusual day and I’m amazed to see changing behaviours of readers.


Finally it would have been great if we had an email governing body to set charters so as to stop growing legitimate emails in spam folders and unsolicited emails in the Inbox.

Its Friday evening and this is Tanishq signing off and still wonderning about this unusual perfect day.

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