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Test before the final launch!

Designing the email campaign is the most difficult task, but if the campaign is not executed correctly then what’s the use of putting such effort...

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The Look says it all!

Human mind is basically judgmental. Each & every incidents, people, places, food are automatically assessed by human mind. Our mind will have a...

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Email Privacy: Do u really accept the terms?

If you don’t have an email account, then what do you do? Just go and register with any of the ISP’s. Or if you want to receive newsletters from...

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Email Marketing & Social Media – Friends or Foes

Email marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors with regular updates in the market. The recent buzz in the Email marketing industry is Social...

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Gandhi sends email:

Must be wondering which Gandhi we are talking about. A name which is praised as Father of the Indian nation, when did he send an email?? Well Mahat...

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Race to Inbox

Since childhood one is taught to compete. Take it school, extra curricular, graduation/PG, job. Everywhere there is a race, race to out-stand in ev...

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Inbox Delivery – Is that all in Email Marketing?

These days with the increasing use of Email marketing as a medium of communication for corporates, there is one word which is hampering its product...

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Don’t miss the Comment or Tweets – There is lots in it for you !!!!

It takes no rocket science to understand a very simple fact – The person sitting next to you knows more than you do even if he has arrived late. ...

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A Perfect unusual day- we never thought this will happen?

Hi This is Tanishq and we are in year 2015. What a day! Sunrises from the east, Birds chatting, cool morning whether and every one  heading to the...

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What’s in it for me?

Yes what’s in it for me? This is why you are reading this blog. How will this benefit me? What will i gain from this? This question can be seen f...

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