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Milestone Moment: netCORE’s email marketing product crosses 150-cr volume in June 2012

Emergic MassMail crossed a massive 150 crore email volume in June 2012. There has been a 50% jump in the volume within a short span of 4 months! Fe...

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Mobile Marketing Ideas: Mobile Marketing Opportunities and Possibilities

We carry mobile phones with us at all times. We do business, stay in touch with friends and even use mobiles for entertainment. The basic nature of...

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Digital Marketing Options Proliferating

Even as the Indian Internet advertising market touches Rs 1,000 crore (about 4% of the overall ad-spend in India), the options for digital advertis...

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COO Speak: Top Digital Trends & Ways to Bring Digital Media to the Forefront

We see competition as enabler of market growth. Lot of Indian & foreign players are entering the digital marketing space, which is a positive s...

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Email Maturity Model

When I started the discussion around the email maturity model with my wife, Madhumita, her instant reply was, it is usually applied in the context ...

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Experience @ 3rd Email Marketing Round Table

Friday evening would be an experience for a digital consultant was not my expectation when I attended 3rd email marketing round table in Bangalore ...

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Can Spam be stopped?

This is a debatable topic. The answer to this question is definitely “NO”. But yes as an Email Marketer steps can be taken to reduce Spam. If y...

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What’s your email style

What type of mails do you send? Is it promotional, informational or transactional? Be it any of them, what I am here focusing on is the email style...

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Updating your Database – With a form in the content.. Is that possible??

Email marketing as a field is diverse and has lots of variants which have to be taken care of be a good Email Marketer. One of the important aspect...

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Email Marketing is for Cost Cutting – Is it??

Has Email Marketing become a medium used by people just to cut down on their marketing cost?? If that is the case then, I really pity such people w...

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