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Gmail Trying to Trouble Marketers: Introducing a New Inbox.

After the ISP conference where Gmail announced his multi-layered filters, they still don’t seem to be happy with how marketers are troubling thei...

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Giving Voice to Mobile Marketing

About a month ago, my father came up to me with a gleaming smile and said, I just received a call from Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, Prithvir...

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ISP Conference Meet for 2013 – Gmail dominates the session

One fine morning I was just strolling down an alley heading back home from my early morning walk. From the corner of my eye I saw something behind ...

Netcore Solutions
April 14, 2013
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What’s so special about ‘Welcome Email Programs’?

Recently I visited my old circle of friend – people I had lost touch with given a hectic corporate job ;). I was really excited to meet all of th...

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How well do you know your email?

Last weekend I caught-up with my MBA batch mates. And as you might have guessed, conversations revolved around nostalgia. Of course we all were eag...

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Email Marketing lessons from Railway TCs

Like most residents of Mumbai, I take the infamous Western Railway trains to work. The jam-packed peak hour rush in the compartments always acts as...

netCORE Marketing Team
February 20, 2013
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Common mistakes CIOs/CXOs make with Email Marketing

‘Mistakes’ is too harsh a word to be used in this context. Many a times certain decisions are made in time-crunching situations. Also, sometime...

netCORE Marketing Team
February 14, 2013
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Thirty years of the net : what’s next?

Dear Internet, You’re older than me, my brother, most of my friends but younger than my father. This January, you turned 30 – and while you’r...

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Video-in-Email – The Newer New Media

Online video is an extremely fast growing trend with YouTube becoming the second most popular search engine of all time. This has opened an excelle...

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netCORE is shortlisted for GSMA’s 18th Global Mobile Awards!

netCORE’s Missed Call campaign for Hindustan Unilever’s Active Wheel has been nominated for the Best Advertising/Marketing on Mobile at the 18t...

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