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Can Spam be stopped?

This is a debatable topic. The answer to this question is definitely “NO”. But yes as an Email Marketer steps can be taken to reduce Spam. If y...

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Smart Marketers choose multi-channel marketing

In case there is a possibility of Biggest Fight in the world, Email and Mobile will be 2 names whose egos have been tried, tested and executed agai...

August 8, 2011
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What’s your email style

What type of mails do you send? Is it promotional, informational or transactional? Be it any of them, what I am here focusing on is the email style...

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Updating your Database – With a form in the content.. Is that possible??

Email marketing as a field is diverse and has lots of variants which have to be taken care of be a good Email Marketer. One of the important aspect...

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Email Marketing is for Cost Cutting – Is it??

Has Email Marketing become a medium used by people just to cut down on their marketing cost?? If that is the case then, I really pity such people w...

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When Solicited would become Unsolicited!

Email Marketing is moving in fast these days. Emails are now considered as a black & white document for many forms of business – Egs are Cred...

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Test before the final launch!

Designing the email campaign is the most difficult task, but if the campaign is not executed correctly then what’s the use of putting such effort...

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The Look says it all!

Human mind is basically judgmental. Each & every incidents, people, places, food are automatically assessed by human mind. Our mind will have a...

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Email Privacy: Do u really accept the terms?

If you don’t have an email account, then what do you do? Just go and register with any of the ISP’s. Or if you want to receive newsletters from...

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Email Marketing & Social Media – Friends or Foes

Email marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors with regular updates in the market. The recent buzz in the Email marketing industry is Social...

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