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Digital Marketing Options Proliferating

Even as the Indian Internet advertising market touches Rs 1,000 crore (about 4% of the overall ad-spend in India), the options for digital advertis...

July 4, 2012
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COO Speak: Top Digital Trends & Ways to Bring Digital Media to the Forefront

We see competition as enabler of market growth. Lot of Indian & foreign players are entering the digital marketing space, which is a positive s...

July 2, 2012
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Email Maturity Model

When I started the discussion around the email maturity model with my wife, Madhumita, her instant reply was, it is usually applied in the context ...

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Experience @ 3rd Email Marketing Round Table

Friday evening would be an experience for a digital consultant was not my expectation when I attended 3rd email marketing round table in Bangalore ...

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Can Spam be stopped?

This is a debatable topic. The answer to this question is definitely “NO”. But yes as an Email Marketer steps can be taken to reduce Spam. If y...

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Smart Marketers choose multi-channel marketing

In case there is a possibility of Biggest Fight in the world, Email and Mobile will be 2 names whose egos have been tried, tested and executed agai...

August 8, 2011
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What’s your email style

What type of mails do you send? Is it promotional, informational or transactional? Be it any of them, what I am here focusing on is the email style...

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Updating your Database – With a form in the content.. Is that possible??

Email marketing as a field is diverse and has lots of variants which have to be taken care of be a good Email Marketer. One of the important aspect...

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Email Marketing is for Cost Cutting – Is it??

Has Email Marketing become a medium used by people just to cut down on their marketing cost?? If that is the case then, I really pity such people w...

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When Solicited would become Unsolicited!

Email Marketing is moving in fast these days. Emails are now considered as a black & white document for many forms of business – Egs are Cred...

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