Published by Zalak Bhavsar on November 15, 2018

This Children’s Day, Netcore welcomes young Netcorians!

On November 14 every year, our children find themselves wondering how is this ‘holiday’ a special for them and their parents feel puzzled. At Netcore, we came up with the solution.

We decided to make it a day for Netcorians to find their inner child! – by hosting their kids at our workplace. On Children’s Day, therefore, parents aren’t allowed to report to work unless accompanied by their children: these pictures speak for themselves!

As for those who don’t have kids, we make sure the kids’ shouts of celebration reverberate throughout our Delhi & Thane office.

Tiny tots & grown kids strutted in with their parents, feeling awestruck later when their parents introduce them to their ‘bosses’ and colleagues.

It became a day for Netcorians to meet with fellow colleagues as parents, and connect with one another based on more than just work, exploring a deeply ‘humane’ side of our work-lives: the touching reality of how our children perceive our career & our workplaces.

Says Bhavana Jain, our Chief Human Resources Officer, “It is absolutely heartening to see children take such pride & joy in spending a day at their parents’ workplace. Kids should be able to understand their parents’ workplaces as a place of work, fun, & interaction. We make sure the children are engaged in a string of activities & games. The idea is to help Netcorians integrate their lives in a meaningful way.”

‘Kids should be able to understand their parents’ workplaces as a place of work, fun, & interaction’ – Bhavana Jain

Jinal Choksi, who along with Eliza D’silva, was the HR & administration duo who hosted nearly 70 kids including their own little boys at the Thane office, says, “This is the third year since we launched this initiative and as a Netcorian & as a parent, we look forward to this day. Between hula-hoops and puppet shows & endless trays of food that children would like to eat, it’s a lot of work but it is extremely gratifying when our kids go back home with stories to tell about how much fun “their office” is.”

Navnit Suryanarayan

“It was amazing to watch kids of different ages enjoying every moment filled with laughter & happiness along with plenty of unknown faces. I was lucky for the 1st time to be a part of this fun-filled event along with my princess. Truly feeling blessed to be a part of Netcore family!

Navnit Suryanarayanan
AVP- Inside Sales and Renewals, Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd

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