Published by Forum Sheth on April 14, 2017

Dig Deeper: How HDFC Life uses Netcore Smartech to boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by 20%

Efficiency. Realtime insights. Scale.

Sometime ago, HDFC Life, a top insurance player, vetted a few vendors who could help them save the massive human hours they were utilizing to deploy direct marketing campaigns to build better customer loyalty and ensure higher preference for next purchase, better renewal, revival and referral.

In the video below, Sanjay Tripathy, Sr. EVP, HDFC Life, discusses why Netcore Smartech is the marketing automation solution of choice for reduced manual efforts, enhanced campaign performance and maximised customer reach.


From a productivity perspective, key challenge faced by HDFC Life was executing campaigns across communication modes like email, SMS and OBD by putting lot of manual efforts. Another challenge was executing response based campaigns, where they had to manually download customer responses from one platform and execute campaigns through another. As platforms were different, entire lead sharing process had a delay as everything was handled manually.

HDFC Life needed an Integrated, Multi-Channel, Automated platform which could seamlessly integrate all the direct marketing communication modes and automate response sharing, to avoid manual efforts and errors.

“Netcore Smartech is really a smart solution that makes your campaigns smarter with real time insights and automated lead scoring.” – Sanjay Tripathy, Sr. EVP, HDFC Life.

After discussing with HDFC Life, Marketing Technology experts at Netcore built an 11 day workflow, which had 7 modules for 7 product categories across preferred modes of communication.

The relevant targeting gave a 30% jump in open rates and saved 12-15 man-hours per week.  The cross-channel campaign gave a 30% increase in leads and voice proved to be the best performing channel.

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