Published by Netcore Solutions on August 12, 2010

Mobile: The Most Powerful Medium!

Lets talk on Mobile as a Powerful Medium but before I can slide on, I want to take you all on a mind-boggling ride of few unheard facts. Our Planets Population is approx 685 crore. Indias is second in the list after China. This is one sphere where India is not at the Top & your are still pleased.

Do you know which brand is the most Pervasive brand ever on this Planet ?

Coca-Cola- No, Microsoft- No, Sony- No, Toyota- No..The Answer is NOKIA. It has sold mobiles to approx 27% of Our planets human species. No other brand has made quarter of world’s population, their client. Coke didn’t serve, Microsoft OS never reached, Sony walkman or playstation or for that case Toyota never covered Lions share of our planet. By far far far, by very long shot Nokia is most pervasive brand ever.


A media planner today selects to spend on TV, Radio, Outdoors, Print, Digital mediums. His cream percentage goes to TV, Print & Radio. Out of the left out option Mobile gets the beggar’s privilege. Mobile as a Medium has competency of text(Print), Voice(Radio), videos(TV), WAP (internet), Apps(Digital). Its one stop shop, Omnipotent medium with quality of being Omnipresent. A medium which can reach to 27% of world’s population if I just take Nokia brand mobile phones you can imagine how many other players are their. After 3G entering Indian markets video ads and conferrencing will be the popular space.

I will leave you with a thought, 
Its not far when mobile will replace Television with its video quality & other features in place! & will become an amazing medium to reach your TG.