Published by netCORE Marketing Team on July 30, 2012

Milestone Moment: netCORE’s email marketing product crosses 150-cr volume in June 2012

Emergic MassMail crossed a massive 150 crore email volume in June 2012. There has been a 50% jump in the volume within a short span of 4 months! February 2012 was a milestone moment for netCORE when the volume crossed 100 crore, the highest in India’s email marketing industry!

In recent months, EMM has launched 4 new crucial features, which act as the key differentiators, and thus enable its clients to make the most out of their marketing initiative. They include:

  • ROI Tracker: Helps tracking the total conversions/revenue generated by each email campaign
  • ListFix: Auto-corrects email IDs while a uploading for a campaign
  • ListSecure: Provides an additional security cover to prevent clients’ contacts from an unauthorized download
  • PreviewPlus: Enables preview of campaigns in any Inbox across email clients and mobile devices
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