Published by Netcore Solutions on May 11, 2016

Maximising The Marketing Moment: CMO Roundtable Power Breakfast

Netcore is all set to jointly host the by-invitation CMO Roundtable Power Breakfast themed aMaximising The Marketing Momenta with Paul Writer on Thursday, 12th May 2016 at Trident, BKC, Mumbai from 8 AM-11 AM (IST). CMOs from diverse industries will be a part of discussions on the growing influence of technology in marketing, transforming the modern marketer’s approach towards customer-centric marketing.

Rajesh Jain, Founder and Managing Director of Netcore would be co-hosting the session with Jessie Paul, Founder and CEO of Paul Writer. The CMO Roundtable is an opportunity to share best practices, discuss trends and key issues, tactics and strategies to grow businesses.

The event will feature CMOs discussing key points as:

  1. How do we understand customers as individuals? What does the modern customer journey mapping process look like?
  2. How do we capture the moments of truth? And trigger the right marketing response?
  3. The number of possible touchpoints has increased exponentially. What’s the secret of delivering value at each of these points? How much is just right?
  4. How much of your marketing program is manual? Will it continue to be manual?
  5. What’s worked for you in digitally transforming the customer journey?

Stay tuned to live updates or be a part of social media conversation during the event using the hashtag #NetcoreCMORoundtable on twitter.