Published by Netcore Solutions on January 12, 2013

What makes marketers walk the Digital path?

Marketing starts with creating a need for a product from perception to conception, while keeping in mind the budget, target audience and promotional costs.

One of the most feasible modes of Marketing is Digital Marketing. In the 21st century, it’s imperative that every marketer should have a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners.

So what is it that makes the marketers walk the digital path?

The development and execution of marketing strategies takes a lot less time. With digital marketing, it becomes extremely easy to develop strategies and also implement quick changes whenever required in the campaign.

One very important credential of digital marketing is its cost effectiveness. It has proven recession-proof in modern times of global economic slowdowns. Not just that, a digital marketing campaign would cost much lesser than traditional marketing at any given point.

A digital marketing campaign reaches its end consumer within much lesser time than traditional marketing does. It does not take a long time for it to gain effect once it is launched, it pretty much instantaneously reaches the target audience. It moves faster than any other market on earth.

An online or a digital campaign can be documented. This makes it a hot favorite marketing channel. An online campaign has a high degree of measurability. Thus, designing a target-oriented digital marketing program becomes easier. There is an added advantage of segregating your niche and targeting your campaign only towards them. Also, it helps establish direct contact with customers, there is marketer customer interaction and marketing tools are more accessible, therefore, the rate of response is far higher in comparison to the traditional media.

Digital Marketing also opens doors for viral and interactive marketing. With a large number of platforms like social media, email, gaming, etc; and seamless usage on all devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs and gaming consoles, digital marketing has a far wider reach amongst heterogeneous audiences than any other mode of marketing. This makes the campaign and the marketer omnipresent and also reach out to masses. The early adopters of new online marketing platforms like social media marketing will have a significant headstart over their competition.

With such immense marketing scope, digital marketing is poised to take over traditional marketing or work hand in hand with it. Whatever may be the case, we know it’s here to stay.