Published by Sita Kalluri on March 16, 2015

How to make the best use of your 20 seconds with the email subscriber?

It’s every marketer’s endeavor to constantly engage customer and get top-of-the-mind brand awareness. Live content in email lets you do that exactly. That’s the topic netCORE’s Head Consultant, Email Marketing – Avadhoot Revankar addressed today at the 3rd IAMAI Email Summit (#3EMS, for those twitter fans).

He spoke about setting a new normal in email marketing and changing the way email is perceived. By not limiting our thinking and combing email with other channels, we can enhance user experience.

Here’s the summary of the session where Avadhoot spoke about the top 5 ways to use live content in email and take customer engagement to a new level:

1. Talk in real time with Ticker in Email

A ticker drives a sense of urgency and is the perfect tool to move people from unawareness and disinterest to preparedness and action. Some innovative ways to use Ticker innovatively to influence customer action are: Time bound deals, Servicing or warranty nearing expiry, Product replenishment, Events announcements, Policy renewals and so on.

2. Make your emails Social with live Twitter feed integration

Integrating email with Twitter will make campaigns more effective and relevant to your new age digital customer. Live Twitter feeds in email provide a unique visual experience to subscribers and encourage them to extend interactions.

3. Add videos in email to make them interesting

With lead conversion rates increasing by 51% when video is included in email (Source: DigitalSherpa), brands not using video email marketing will lose out in the race to brand visibility.

4. Be in the now with Real-time Personalisation

Intelligent content that gives out real time information and targets your customer with precision is a good way to drive conversions. Some examples of real time personalisation can be used across different industries are:

Travel – Showing live seat availability when booking tickets

Automobile – Sharing Safe driving tips based on location and current weather

eCommerce – Size availability in real time

5. Focus on conversions with Click to Call feature embedded in emails

Email has always been strong in the Upper funnel – Engagement, awareness, creating moments. Emails will focus more on lower funnel of conversion oriented goals with Click to Call embedded within email. 50% of inbound callers are 10 times more likely to make a purchase than leads that simply clicked a link (Source: BIA Kelsey study)

It was an engaging session that saw good participation.

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