Published by netCORE Marketing Team on June 20, 2011

The Look says it all!

Human mind is basically judgmental. Each & every incidents, people, places, food are automatically assessed by human mind. Our mind will have an answer for each & every evaluations: like or dislike, yes or no etc. Likewise each & every individual has predetermined judgment about the hundreds of emails racing to his or her inbox per day. Each individual has an expectation that ”this will be this” or “that will be that”. So the Success of an email marketer is to break this expectations or evaluations and make that person go through our mail.

HOW???… Big Question… But Simple Answerssss…

The first thing that should be kept in mind is make  the subject line simple & attractive… a very interesting example can be: while doing the promotions for Father’s day the common subject lines seen were “Go ahead. Make your Father’s day”, “Make it a Super Father’s Day” etc.. these type of subject line is evaluated by customers as a normal promotional campaign, which have more probability of being not viewed. So try something different, “Give your Father a Loving Surprise”, “love your father- Gift him a   fantastic Father’s day” can be some substitutes which will make customers curious to know, What is there in this Mail?…


The Second point that should be kept in mind is sender name, A positive impact should be created in the customers mind, when they see our Brand Name. A feeling that this mail will be useful or informative for me, should be created in customers mind through the standards of mails that are used for the campaigns. So that brand name will make the customer read that mail. Keeping info@, marketing@ etc.. will create an impact of promotions which may increase the probability of being not viewed, so the best way can be use your brands simple mail I.d which will be simple and create a impact which will create results. Like Dominos pizza & Aditya Birla which are brand images tempting customers to know more about the mail.

The Third but most important point is the content, just imagine if we are busy with our works, what will be the maximum time that will be  allotted for viewing per mails: 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 1 minute. Will we prefer a large text document mail in this speculated time, the majority of the answers will be, No. So always keep in mind that the mails have to be short & cute which covey the content. Even it is newsletters or Educational content try to convey the message in a simple template which will include the usp’s of that peculiar product/ service and a call to action on the same, so that interested customers can visit the respective websites and get the details.

So no more speech, One can lead the market of email marketing through Regular workouts(market Research)& Healthy Diets(efficient mails) which will provide a great look and a bigger range of Fans(customers).Thus leading to greater profitability to our Business.

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