Published by Netcore Solutions on December 8, 2016

Leverage Transactional Emails to Enhance Your Customer Experience

Transactional emails, unlike promotional emails, contain information that a user really wants or needs. Triggered from a process or transaction initiated by a customer, these mails are highly personalised based on the customer’s individual need. Hence, transactional emails are increasingly being used as a powerful tool to enhance customer experience. In addition to keeping customers engaged, these emails also play a wide role helping enterprises generate more revenue through cross-selling and up-selling.

Why transactional emails?

Most businesses now have replaced physical statements like credit card bills, bank statements, and purchase invoices successfully with transactional emails, and customers are happily adapting to this change. As Kalpit Jain, CEO, Netcore Solutions says, “Transactional emails over the years have gained a lot of importance. Digitisation is becoming a very important factor, and sending transactional statements over email has become very very critical”. With the trend of paperless offices and paperless homes, transactional emails are replacing most physical communication to keep customers engaged – purchase receipts, shopping cart abandonment, password reset, order shipment, special deals for frequent/new customers, account notifications etc.

Infrastructure for Transactional Emails

Since transactional emails are expected to be instantaneous, each enterprise needs to create and maintain a robust infrastructure to enhance customer experience and leverage the benefits of transactional emails fully. To quote Veer Bothra, CIO, Netcore Solutions, “Transactional emails are trigger-based and can happen any time during the day or night. Therefore, the infrastructure, support and services need to be 24 X 7 X 365.” The business further needs to support the infrastructure with a highly responsive customer support team.

Increase ROI with Transactional Emails

An enterprise has to invest in both infrastructure and manpower to enhance customer experience and engage the customer continuously. But the rising manpower cost can be checked by opting for transactional emails, thus increasing ROI and improving scalability. According to Sabir Shaikh, AVP-Product Marketing, Netcore Solutions, “The instantaneous transfer of information, all the analytics, the speed enhancement etc. are really turning out to be the ROI drivers”.

Enterprises must avail of professionally managed services to manage their transactional email processes more efficiently and achieve higher inbox success rate. As a reliable and reputable SMTP relay service, Netcore Falconide helps businesses to enhance customer experience by sending a variety of personalised transactional emails almost instantaneously. At the same time, Falconide also helps enterprises to get higher ROI by focusing on assured inbox placement, quick delivery, and end-to-end tracking of transactional emails. The real-time delivery feature embedded in Falconide further enables businesses to accomplish two complex tasks – sending personalised transactional emails within 3 seconds, and knowing the action taken by the recipient immediately.

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