Published by Atul Shinde on February 3, 2015

Leverage innovation in email content for better engagement

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done before. This famous quote by Thomas Jefferson underlines the importance of innovation in your work practice. It is vital for every business sphere, but it stands critical in case of email marketing as you need to engage and retain your customers by sending mere emails. If the communication is repetitive and monotonous, your viewers will skip it and your entire effort will end up in vain. So, as an email marketer, you need to innovate in your email content to hold your ground.

Sometime back, I attended the webinar ‘5 Innovations in email content’, conducted by my friend and colleague at Netcore Mayank Tomar. He is an Email Marketing Consultant who helps our customers maximize their ROI from digital marketing.

In the webinar, he discussed:

  • Why innovation in email content demands attention?
  • 5 of the most innovative ways to electrify your email content
  • How Content innovation drives email open rates up by 135% – a Netcore case study

This was a very useful webinar that insisted on the need for innovation in email content and discussed its scope in the success or failure of your email marketing strategy.

Why innovation in email content demands attention?

This section explained the need for innovation in email content and addressed concerns like:

  • Shrinking attention span of users who spends not more than 15 Sec on an email
  • How to break free from the monotonous way of communicating as a user’€™s average life span with a brand is not more than 3-4 months on emails
  • And, how to live up to customer expectations as 75% of users expect something new in emails for staying engaged

5 of the most innovative ways to electrify your email content

This section offered several ways in which you can electrify your conversation and gain maximum viewer attention. Few important tips are:

1. Reply based emails

  • These emails help in extending conversations by initiating 2 way communication.
  • User’€™s reply on an email to is considered to be the highest amount of engagement by MSPs, thus, improving domain reputation
  • Reply ID gets added in the address book increasing the probability of future emails from the brand landing in primary inbox

2. Animation in emails

  • It brings emails to life
  • Delights your recipients
  • Supports all major email clients
  • Shows multiple views of a product or service

3. Video in emails

  • It’s good to have videos in email as it tells your story efficiently
  • Also, 80% of users spend more time on email when video is included in it
  • 74% of users say that Videos increases people’s understanding of a product or service
  • And 90% of users say that seeing a Video about a product is helpful in the decision process

4. Horizontal emails

  • With these emails, you can tempt your user to scroll from left to right and the chain of events that follow creates a dynamic experience
  • The navigation cues and intuitive designs make the concept more appealing and enticing for viewers

5. Gamification

  • It refers to the technology where gaming concepts and techniques are applied on non-game experiences (email)
  • It increases user interest and interaction
  • Also, adds a fun element in your email

How Content innovation drives email open rates up by 135% – a Netcore case study, an online car and bike accessories store, and a Netcore client, was facing fluctuating Inbox delivery and the average open rate was down by 20%. So, to address these concerns of our client, an impeccable email marketing strategy was formed and successfully executed that showed the following results:

  • Open rate skyrocketed to 23.5% as against the usual 10% (135% increase)
  • Customer engagement was at its peak, with thousands of replies flooding in with answers
  • Contest result email saw a phenomenal response with more than 70% opening the emails

The complete case study how it was planned and executed was discussed by Mayank in detail during the webinar. If you missed the webinar, too bad, but no worries as we have recorded the event for you.

You can watch the Webinar on Demand here.

Hope you will enjoy watching this enlightening webinar !!

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