Published by Netcore Solutions on June 25, 2014

June 2014: Gmail changes inbox delivery rules – 5 Steps to keep your email in good health

Gmail as an MSP has been known for constantly introducing changes and this time its to do with Inbox delivery.

Gmail being one of the most dominant MSP’s, tends to have a big impact and this one has affected all the email marketers across the globe.

We have seen that performance from Gmail subscribers for some of the brands has been adversely affected.

What we have seen, across a number of clients, is that Gmail is doing a lot of content reputation, and that content reputation gets spread across senders of that content. Which means you might want to look at who is sending any email on your behalf (mentioning your domain or pointing at your website) and their practices. If they follow poor practices, then it would reflect badly on you and would hamper Inbox delivery.

5 Steps to keep your email in good health:

  1. Trim your list and send emails to the most engaged users
  2. For subscriber acquisitions, choose publishers wisely and only the ones who have opt-in email list.
  3. Use different content for communications to prospects (3rd party campaigns) and existing customers
  4. Use fresh subject lines and new styles of email content
  5. Curtail the campaigns which in the past have given you high abuse complaints

Gmail has started ranking your content and domain reputation based on its presence across the web, which is why every step you take is critical and can have a direct impact on Inbox delivery of your campaigns.

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