Published by Netcore Solutions on April 14, 2013

ISP Conference Meet for 2013 – Gmail dominates the session

One fine morning I was just strolling down an alley heading back home from my early morning walk. From the corner of my eye I saw something behind the bush moving, sticking to my habit of poking nose into things, I decided to peek.

I still remember that moment, I was spellbound for a minute after what I saw, rubbed my eyes pinched myself but I could still see it. There were a bunch of people like figures busy in some discussion.

I could distinctly recognize from the colours: “Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediff, AOL, Rocketmail. Gmail missing? Even I was surprised, but decided to be a silent spectator. Saw a board stating “ISP Quarterly Conference. Agenda – Kill Spammers“

Just as I finished reading the board, I saw someone enter followed by complete silence, undoubtedly it was Gmail, walking with arrogance and attitude. Gmail started off loud and clear, “Good morning Friends & Enemies, good to see all of you present here today.”

“Agenda as we all know is “Kill Spammers”

These Email Marketers and ESP’s think that they are too smart and can easily reach our Inbox by:

a) Using a Pool of IP’s/Domains.
b) Avoiding usage of generic words.
c) Testing prior to campaigns & many other cheap tricks

Without any further delay I think we should start our discussion my folks, Yahoo let’s start with you”

“Unfortunately my “Sender ID”(Using same sender id mail in spam) filter seems to have been mapped by Marketers.
(Everyone hears Gmail giggling.) :p

Yahoo continues, “No reason for people to laugh; now I am getting a much stronger functionality termed “The Watch Dog” this would analyze User Engagement (Open/Clicks etc.) based on which it would define delivery to Inbox or Spam.

My filters are simple, anyone in the address book of the user comes to Inbox, rest in spam; there are some exceptions though.

I am quite famous to deliver Emails 24hours late and that too the distorted ones, haven’t specifically thought on spam filters. :p

Yahoo whispers to Hotmail, “Wonder why rediff users are migrating” :p.

Arrogant Gmail steps up to speak. Good to see everyone setting different types and varieties of filters.

My filtering has 3 Levels:
Level 1:
– IP & Domain Reputation
– SPF Entries
– DKIM Signing

Level 2:
– Algorithms and Usage of Type of Words and Content.
(Words: “Free, Discount, Offer, Buy Now, Shop Now, Numerics. Images: Single Images, Dark Colored Images.)
– Speed of Delivery of Emails.

These filters are different based on day and time slot.

Level 3:
Purely Based on Engagement of the User with a respective Domain & IP.

“” has received 10Emails from “” but “” has opened only 1Email from “” ideally the 11th Email would land up in spam.

+ Would also track this at a broader level wherein “” sends 10lakh/day – how
many Engaged (Open/Clicked/Replied) versus how many “Reported Abuse” and based on this the domain would be ranked after every campaign.

I guess we have covered most of it, Yahoo please send the minutes.Let’s move out from here folks, we shall soon announce the next conference dates.

Unbelievable start to my morning, please share if you by any chance have been an audience to such a session, would like to hear your experiences.