Published by Atul Shinde on December 15, 2014


In my previous blog, I explained the newly added segment of Template Gallery in our Email Marketing platform EMM. I listed how you can leverage the features of its 1st section – Default Template to create the best email designs ever, without any delay. In this blog, let’s plunge into the 2nd amazing section of template gallery Drag & Drop Editor.

Drag & Drop Editor: Simplifying email designing

Designing emails have never been a marketer’s cup of tea. Proficiency in email designing tools is not the forte of an email marketer like you. So, to simplify your email building process, this dynamic new editor has been introduced in the EMM panel. This editing section is the easiest way to design an email from scratch and the best part is – you don’t even have to get the email campaigns HTMLized; the editor generates the HTML codes by default.

Key features that will work for you are:

Predefined Building Blocks

The drag & drop editor has pre-defined elements for you to add building blocks that acts as a foundation for your emails. You can:

  • Add 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns with the Column Block
  • Drag and drop Content Object Block to define the area for text and images in the email
  • Upload and add tables or GIF images in the email design
  • Customize email template by adjusting the space between blocks, background color, font size & style, border & shading, etc.
  • Add CTA button and footer of your brand in the designed email

Media Gallery

You have media gallery for uploading images and logos which acts as a library for storing your uploaded files. You can use these pictures in your latest email or in the future emails that you will design using this same editor.

You can use this section for uploading GIF images as well that will help you place vibrant Call-to-Action for greater engagement and pictures for better understanding in your email.

Social Media Collaboration 

Drag & Drop Editor also provides you an opportunity to socialize with your customers and prospects. You can use the Tools section to add your required social media icon in your email campaign. You can place these icons in any part of your email, as per your requirement.

Device-wise Preview

Once you have designed your email, you can actually check its appearance on various devices by clicking on the Preview tab. It will also help you identify the first fold appearance of your emails that is pivotal in grabbing the attention of your viewer.

I am sure this dynamic new editor will ease a lot of email designing burden and cut the long hours short by simplifying the email building process for email marketers like you.

Do try the amazing features of Template Gallery Default Templates and Drag & Drop Editor, and provide your valuable feedback. We look forward to provide email marketers much more operational convenience in future.

P.S.: For our existing clients If your EMM account is not yet displaying the Template Gallery feature, it will be there soon as it is being released/rolled-out server by server.

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