Published by Atul Shinde on December 15, 2014

Introducing Template Gallery An Email Builder Tool for Marketers (Part 1)

Every email marketer, before getting down to the real business of engaging customers and prospects with emails, encounters many hurdles in terms of creative dependency and long hours of email designing. Netcore’s email marketing solution is dedicated to improve the operational experiences of email marketers like you. Our latest effort in this direction is the introduction of Template Gallery in EMM, our email marketing platform.

Template Gallery is a feature that will help you to create the best email designs instantly. It comes handy with the following powerful functionalities:

1. Default Template

A gallery of 100+ pre-designed responsive email templates

2. Drag & Drop Editor

A dynamic new editor for designing emails quickly

In this part of the blog I will introduce you to the first section of Template Gallery i.e. Default Templates.

Default Templates: Re-defining email designing convenience

The most tedious part of any email marketing is getting the email campaigns designed and scheduled on time. Email marketers cannot design the emails on their own as they lack proficiency in designing tools like Photoshop, Coral Draw, etc. The email building part is heck of a problem as you first get the email designed from professionals, then get the iterations done and then finally get its responsive HTML ready. The process is highly time consuming.

So to cut the long process short, we have included pre-designed responsive email template in Template Gallery. Here, you can pick any default template from a gallery of 100+ responsive emails and customize it to suit your target audience. The icing on the cake is that you need not be proficient in designing tools to customize them and they come with the default HTML as well.

Key features that will work for you are:

Responsive Designs

Filter by Categories

Thumbnail Preview


Device-wise Preview

Above-the-fold Preview

The first fold of your email plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of your viewer, so we have made it a tad easier for you to design it. In the device-wise preview section, you will also get to know how the first layer or fold of your email will appear in front of your campaign receiver and customize it further for a solid first impression.

Hope these features of Default Template will help you create best email designs ever, without any delay. Try it out and let us know your feedback.

In the next blog, we will talk about designing a new email from scratch using the latest drag & drop editor.

P.S.: For our existing clients – If your EMM account is not yet displaying the Template Gallery feature, it will be there soon as it is being released/rolled-out server by server.

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